Alibaba: The world’s greatest bazaar!


imagesNowadays, Alibaba has come to dominate internet retailing in China, and become the biggest e-commerce market in the world since 2016. The picture on your left side that shows all companies in Alibaba group. But Taobao and Tmall are the most prominent representative. Also, both of them are processed more goods than passed through Amazon and eBay combined. But why Alibaba was successful? The reason that is based on market segmentation which consists of factors that could be used such as product, price, location, and promotions. Also,a long-term, stable relationship is formed between the suppliers and buyers to facilitate the success of the company.

How Alibaba turned China’s Singles’ Day into a shopping bonanza?

imagesChina’s Singles’ Day become the biggest retail day in the world, which is 11 November. On that day, customer will receive a deeply discounted price so it is similar like the Black Friday.

Marking in the digital age is never simple. Compared to traditional advertisements, Alibaba create their own party according to live show in real time which is held on the single day. Also, audience can join to this party on their phone and then they can get money or gift.

I believe that the gala has at least achieved four milestones for Chinese marketing in this digital age:

  1. New Festival: Alibaba turned the festival into a shopping carnival and not many can do this because they catch the psychology of those customers.
  2. New Gala: Gala as a traditional way to gather people and deliver a major festive vibe is for the first time exclusively tailored to suit a commercial purpose, and it is aired live across China.
  3. New Participants: Alibaba invite lost of pop stars and celebrities to lead the audience to rave. The scale is unprecedented and it is rare to see all these people on one stage.
  4. New Mode: The gala’s availability on TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones gives it the most extensive coverage. The possibility of interaction was introduced to the traditional one-way business.
Have you ever shopping on the Taobao or Tmall before? Is it can satisfiy your needs or wants? Just leave your comments about your felling. Thank you so much!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. LUCHEN LI says:

    By selling the products online reduce the supplier’s cost, such as rent fee. Customers can compare different prices or quality across many stores directly. It is the efficient way. Young girls really like shipping online.


    1. Xin_Wang says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, lost of young girl like to shopping online and after the receipt is signed, they dash back to unpack. It is so crazy but it makes more transactions than retail store. The different kinds of product and price are convenient for consumers. Also, Alibaba has a huge discount which is in 11 November. Therefore, the China’s single’s day become a shopping day.


  2. Yi Cheng says:

    Awesome! I have been using Alibaba for many years. It is really convenient and i have heard that alibaba has allowed people to make payment periodically without interest payment. It’s good to us students. I like it


    1. Xin_Wang says:

      Thanks for your comment! There has a huge discount on China’s Single’s Day and lots of people buy product on that day. It is so crazy and the online shopping is a new trend in 21st century.


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